Last Impressions

So often we worry about first impressions. We think about how we look, what words we say. What’s the impression we make when we come in contact with someone for the first time? How do prospects or clients perceive us when we come in contact with them for the first time? We want to make a good impression.

Think about the last impressions you make with clients because that can be just as important. The last impression may happen at the end of a program that lasts 90 days or six months or a year. How does it end for your client? Did it suddenly cut off and now they have no contact with you? Is there some sort of closure that makes them feel like you appreciated the time you interacted with them? Did you send a parting gift that thanks them for being a part of the program?

Last Impressions

A great way to make a lasting last impression is to end that interaction with an appreciation gift. You can start a program with a small welcome gift but then end it with an impressionable thank you gift.  Then the last thing your client will think about from your interactions will be the gift that you gave them. They will know that you value their time and their money that they invested in you.

Unfortunately, sometimes clients choose to leave your business. Maybe there was a mistake or a misunderstanding or something went wrong in the business relationship. Perhaps they don’t having funding, they are moving to a new location or following a different path with their life.  It’s just as important to have good last impressions with clients who choose to leave as with those completing a contract.

A Good Last Impression Can Lead to Repeat Business and Referrals

Anyone who has done business with you is more likely to come back and do business with you again. That’s why last impressions are so important. Although you may think this is goodbye, if you end well, then the client will be more likely to return. It might be years from now. It may only be a few months from now. Regardless, the client will be more likely to come back  if you ended the relationship on a good note.

The other thing to consider is a good last impression can influence whether or not the client gives you referrals.  When things end on a good note, your client is more likely to recommend your business to their friends and colleagues.  If they end their relationship on a bad note, they will try to prevent others from having that experience.

Whether the relationship is ending because the program is ending or  they’re leaving your business, end well.  You can send a simple card that says, “We appreciate your business. We enjoyed working with you and we hope we can serve you again in the future.”  You may want to send something more substantial like an appreciation gift.  Do something to make a good last impression because that’s the last thing that will be left in their mind.  If it’s a good impression, they’re more likely to do business with you again and refer others to you.

If you’re ready to create a strategy for a good last impression for your clients, schedule a call with Touch Your Clients Heart.  You’ll see a huge growth in your business when former clients return and refer you to new clients.


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