Know, Like, Trust, Loyalty

You’ve probably heard about know, like, trust from a marketing standpoint. These three pillars are also the building blocks for loyalty. Here’s how know, like, trust factors into loyalty.

  • know, like, trustKnow. People are loyal to people they know and brands they know. Sometimes they feel loyal because they know you share a commonality. Maybe personally you are from the same place or share a certain culture. Perhaps your brand gives back to a cause that is important to your clients. When clients know these things about you it can influence their loyalty.
  • Like. I don’t know about you, but if I don’t like a person or a business, I’m not very loyal to them. So how do you cause others to like you? (It’s the ultimate popularity question, isn’t it?) In high school getting people to like you meant going with the crowd and fitting in. We’re adults now. However, human nature is to like people who like us and show an interest in us. Being interested in your clients, appreciating them, and going the extra mile all contribute to your clients “liking” you.
  • Trust. Clients trust you when you do what you said you would do. Follow through. Deliver. Trust is brought into question when mistakes happen and things don’t go as planned. However, you can recover and increase trust by dealing with problems and fixing mistakes.

These are the building blocks of client loyalty. You can anticipate and plan to include some little things in your business that will encourage clients to be loyal to you. Help them get to know you and your brand by sharing who you are and what you stand for. Be interested in your clients and express your appreciation for their business. Take ownership when things go wrong and do what you can to make them right for your clients.

When you build loyalty with your clients, they will stay with you longer, spend more money with you, and refer you to their friends and colleagues. Loyal clients in your business means consistent income.

How do you build know, like, trust with your clients? What is something in your business that makes your clients loyal? Share in the comments.

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