Keep Your Clients Longer

It costs more to gain new clients than it does to keep your clients. In fact, it costs 5 times more to gain a new client than keep existing clients.  When you think about the time and money spent marketing, networking and setting up new client accounts – it is much easier to keep the ones you have. So how do you keep your clients coming back for more? Here are 5 ways to focus on your them so you keep your clients longer.

Keep Your ClientsKeep Your Clients Longer

  1. Focus on and anticipate their needs. Your business should be all about them, not all about you. Everyone likes attention. If your attention is focused on your customers, they will feel important. As you anticipate their needs and go the extra mile to meet those needs, they will be grateful to you.
  2. It’s the little things. Pay attention to your client’s preferences. The little details like their favorite things, their hobbies, or their family are good conversation starters. Take it a step further and use those details to surprise and delight them.
  3. Remember their birthday. It’s the one day a year that is just for them. Something as little as a card is a thoughtful way to remember them.
  4. Surprise them. Every once in a while create your own client appreciation week. Send a thank you card or flowers. Hold an event. When it is completely unexpected, it really stands out.
  5. Outstanding customer service. Stand behind phrases like, “Satisfaction Guaranteed,” or “The customer is always right.” If your client isn’t happy, do whatever it takes to make it right.

Keeping clients is just as important as gaining new ones. When you keep your clients happy, they won’t want to leave. If you want more ideas on how to keep your clients longer, read the book, Lifelong Loyal Clients. In it I share my proven process for building relationships to keep your clients longer.


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