Keep Things Personal As You Grow

When a business starts out and it’s a little bit smaller, there is a lot of personal interaction with clients. Clients may have direct access to the owner of the company.   The owner can have one-on-one conversations because the business owner has more time. As a business grows, how do you keep that personal touch in the business with your clients?


There comes a point when your business has grown so much that you don’t have time for one-on-one conversations with every single one of your clients. You still need to make them feel like they have a personal relationship with you so that they will want to stay with you. When customers feel like a business doesn’t care about them, they will find another business that does.


One way to do this is to send personal notes in the mail. This can be part of a strategic keep in touch campaign, or simply a note thanking them for their business. You can assign staff or hire outside help to write the notes for you, on your behalf.


Personal emails can also have a positive impact. Just drop a quick line saying I appreciate you or give them a compliment about something that you noticed in your interactions. You might make note of something that they’re doing well with their business or an award or achievement they received. That can go a long way.


Gift giving is another way to add a personal touch to your relationships. The more personalized the gift, the more meaningful it will be.  You don’t have to be the one to pick it out, wrap it up, and send it in the mail.  You can assign it to a staff member or outsource to another business so it doesn’t take more of your time. When a client receives a personal gift from you and your business, which makes them feel a deeper connection to you.


Even when, you’ve grown to the point that you can’t give personal interaction with each of your clients, there are still ways to make them feel like you have a personal interest in them. Having relationships with clients is what makes them want to stay with you longer, which raises your client retention and your bottom line. Find ways to make a personal connection with your clients even if you have to outsource some of it. You want clients to feel a personal connection, even when you’ve grown to the point that you can’t personally do all the connecting.


If you are looking for a resource to take care of the personal touches in your business and free up your time for money making activities, contact us.  We can send out personal touches that look like they came from you without you having to do all the work.

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