It Doesn’t Happen by Chance. . .

I love it when I have a great experience with a company. They may handle a problem well or deliver great service or WOW me in some way. No matter what it is, I feel impressed and I want to work with that business further because of the experience I have had.

WOWBehind the scenes, each of those experiences was because of the systems and training they have put into place. It rarely happens by chance. Businesses make a conscious choice to think through client interactions ahead of time, ensuring that every client receives the same experience.

There are certain things that happen over and over in your business. Things like onboarding new clients, ongoing client work, and ending projects will have very similar processes for every client you work with. Putting systems and checklists in place will allow the process to flow without you as the business owner having to keep everything in your head.

When you acquire a new client, you probably already collect client information like contact information and billing information. To really WOW clients, collect a few more details at the same time. They won’t think anything of answering a few more questions over the phone or on a client information sheet, but if you collect the right information, you can use it to delight them during your work together.

You might want to know more about their family so you can ask how their kids are by name. You could find out about their hobbies and interests so you can find out how their garden is growing or what book they are reading. You can also arm yourself with these details to surprise your clients when you need to get a gift for their birthday or to thank them for their business.

Creating a system for WOWing in a program will help you remember to put special touches on things when you get busy in the middle of your work. Plan ahead of time the outreach that you will do to participants and clients. Creating a system or checklist will help keep you on track to do the things you always intend to do, but never seem to get around to.

When a project or program ends, it is your last chance to make an impression on your clients. Create a plan for what happens at the end, just like the beginning. Send a thank you card. Make a request referrals and testimonials from your clients. Create a plan to stay in touch with them after your work is done so they will come back when they are ready.

Putting systems in place for the repeatable client touch points will help you create WOWs instead of dropping the ball. If you need a way to get started on this for your business, consider the Client Retention Jumpstart. It will be released in a couple more weeks and will outline the steps you can take to onboard new clients and keep in touch with former clients. You can take the suggested steps, make them your own and enter them into your CRM system to automate it. You can also easily hand the checklists over to a Virtual Assistant to customize and implement for your business.

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