I’m Going to Get Personal With You.

I believe personal gifts are better gifts.  Why is it important to personalize gifts?  Any gift you give is nice and thoughtful, but when you personalize a gift, it makes it more meaningful and it makes a bigger impact on your clients. If it’s personalized, the client is going to keep that gift longer because it’s more meaningful to them. It says something about them. When they keep it longer, they are going to think of you each time they look at it. They’ll remember you and your business. Having a gift front and center where they see it all the time is going to help the image of your business because your thoughtfulness was behind that gift.

So how can you personalize something? There’s a lot of ways to personalize gifts. It can be as simple as putting a name or initials on it. There are a lot of products that will allow you to customize them with a person’s name or monogram. You can also personalize a gift by choosing their favorite of something, like their favorite food, their favorite candy, favorite dessert, favorite color, or favorite flower. It may be that you’re relating it to something that’s important to them – like a hobby, or interest. If your client is a business owner, you can relate it to their business by adding their logo to it (instead of yours) and maybe adding their tagline also.

All of these things are going to personalize the gift.  When a client receives something that says something about them, be it just their name or their logo and tagline, or something that’s a favorite and important to them, it will increase the wow factor of that gift.  It will cause them to keep it longer, and tell more people about it. They may take a picture of it, put it on Facebook, or tweet about it.  All of that increases your business image, your word-of-mouth referrals, and helps your business grow.

Taking the time to send personal gifts will make a huge impact on your business. At Touch Your Client’s Heart we do this all the time. We help you find the right personal gifts that will be meaningful to your clients.  Then when you give the gift, it makes a huge impact for the money you’re investing.  If you need help with this, please schedule a phone call with us. We will help you with strategy around your gifts for a bigger impact.

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