I Have a Confession. . .

I have a confession to make. A long time ago, my mother made me write thank you notes, and I didn’t like it.  Maybe you had that experience when you were a child, too. Here’s the whole story. We had some distant relatives that would send gifts at the holidays for us kids and one year they also sent us a Dear Abby cutout from the newspaper talking about how impolite it was for children to not write thank you notes for the things that they received.

thank you notes

My mother, probably feeling horrified at the time, made us write thank you notes to that relative from then on. This relative felt it was important for children to write their own thank you notes and not just receive a note from the parents. I can imagine how my mother felt, but at the time, as a child, I was resentful and I was a little angry and bitter because I didn’t want to be forced to write thank you notes.

In hindsight now, I recognize how important a thank you note can be. It’s important to do this for your customers and clients because customers who feel appreciated happily tell their friends about your business. It makes your clients feel valued and important if you take the time to write a thank you note and send it in the mail. I’m not just talking about an email thank you. We get so much in our inbox that it’s easy to quickly delete those things. Although it was thoughtful of you to say thank you through an email, it’s not going to be remembered very long.

Thank You Notes for Business

When a client gets a thank you note in the mail, it stands out from other businesses. A client who feels appreciated stays with you longer and you make more money. They tell their friends about you, and again, you make more money with referrals and more clients. Even if it’s a very small client, don’t skip the thank you note.  You never know when a small client will suddenly turn into a big client someday or will refer you to a big client.

No matter how big or small your client is, please remember to write a hand-written thank you note and put it in the mail. Don’t be like I was as a child and be forced into it and become resentful. Do it from the heart. Do it because you really appreciate their business. As you appreciate your clients, your business will grow through client retention and referrals.

If you need help creating a strategy that includes thank you notes, schedule a call.  We can help your clients feel appreciated so you can focus on your business.

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