How to Make a Bigger Impact with Gift Cards

Often when it comes to giving out gifts, people don’t know what to give, and so, in desperation, they send out gift cards. If you don’t know what to get for somebody, the easy answer is to give them a gift card so they can choose what they want.

gift cards

This can be fine, but what sometimes happens with gift cards and gift certificates is they never get used. They may get set aside, or  worse, thrown in the trash accidentally or on purpose. Although the giver intended to do something nice, it turns into a waste of money.  If you are investing a portion of your business budget on gift cards that aren’t being used, it is like throwing your money away.

Gift Card Success

One way to prevent this is to avoid gift cards and choose a gift that is meaningful and personal.  The person who receives a high-impact gift will want to keep it. If you really want to give a gift card, take some time and make it meaningful. Ask the client directly what kind of gift card they would enjoy.  Choose a specific category and ask for the name of their favorite restaurant or spa.  If they receive a gift card for someplace they love, it will have a bigger impact. 


Another way to ensure the success of a gift card is to make it an experience. Send a gift card to a restaurant, movie theater, or entertainment venue.  Make sure it is for an experience the recipient would enjoy. Giving a movie certificate to someone who doesn’t like to go sit through movies won’t make an impact.  Find out what they would most enjoy doing.


Make sure if you give a gift card that it is more meaningful than just a Visa gift card or a big box gift card.  Those are so generic that you can give them to anyone.  Because of that, it just doesn’t mean as much. If you give a gift card to a big box store, the recipient might use it on groceries, and that won’t make them feel special. Make sure that any gift card you give creates experiences that make the recipient feel special. That will make a gift card have a bigger impact.


Instead of just sending out bulk gift cards, be strategic and creative. Schedule a call for a Client Loyalty Audit. On the call, we identify the areas that have the biggest potential to increase loyalty for your business. 

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