How to Grow Your Business like a Garden

Strong businesses are built upon strong relationships.  Relationships take time and nurturing.  You have to take care of people like you would a garden. 





  • Plant them in the right soil. 
  • Water them.
  • Give them lots of light.
  • Pull the weeds. 


Plant them in the right soil.  A seed set in rocks is not very likely to grow.  Likewise, not every prospect is a good fit for your business.  Take the time to find the right clients.  If you just start throwing everyone into your business you might make money at first, but you will wind up with dissatisfied customers who quit working with you and warn others.  If they aren’t right for you – refer them to someone else who can better help.  Everyone will be happier in the long run.


Give them plenty of water.  A seed needs water to sprout.  Your clients need communication.  Get them talking so you can find out about them.  The more you know the better you can meet their needs.  Don’t forget to talk to them, too.  Give them plenty of status updates so they know what progress you are making on their projects.  Let them know if there was a problem and how you handled it.  Keeping the lines of communication open helps to build the trust your relationship needs to grow.


Give them lots of light.  The sun is the biggest brightest energy source and when it shines on a patch of ground, that little plant soaks it up and grows towards it.  You can shine your positive energy on your clients by putting your heart into the work you do for them.  Another way to give your energy is to recognize and reward them for working with you.  This can include special bonuses and discounts that are only for your clients.  It can also be notes and gifts to thank them for doing business with you.  All of that energy that you give to them will cause them to grow closer to you, just as the plant reaches toward the sun. 


Pull the weeds.  When things go wrong, handle them right away.  Step up and take responsibility for problems, but get rid of the source so it doesn’t happen again.  Everyone makes mistakes.  It’s how you handle the mistakes that can make the difference in your relationships.  Do you let the problems grow and multiply like weeds until they take over?  Do you take the time to handle them as they come up?


Once your plants are growing, you can’t ignore them.  You have to keep nurturing them, watering them, and pulling those weeds.  The good news is, once your garden is established, it takes less work.  It’s because of the work you did in the beginning with those tender new plants.  If you put more effort into building relationships in your business, it will take less work to maintain them. 

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