How to Get Noticed!

In order to get noticed by prospects or referral partners, you need to build a relationship with them.  Relationships are developed by multiple contacts, in multiple ways over time.  If you follow up once after meeting someone, you won’t develop a relationship.  It’s important to contact them in more than one way, because often, they need to see and hear from you in many different ways before they’re ready to buy. Think of how many ways are you using to reach out to key people in your business.

Many people put prospects right onto an e-newsletter list and send out an auto-responder or a weekly or monthly e-newsletter.  That’s a great way to get started and stay in front of people. The problem with e-newsletters is that people’s email inboxes are so full, that even if they love you and your business, they might not take the time to read it. They may even save it in their inbox, I know I do this over and over again, and look at it and think, I’ll get to that later. Pretty soon it’s buried on page three of the inbox and they never did open it up and read it. It’s not because they don’t like you, it’s because they’re busy and they have too many emails to go through.

Another way to reach out is through personal email.  This is more likely to get opened than a newsletter, but you are still fighting to get the recipient’s attention in the inbox. Email is a necessary means of correspondence in the world today, but it doesn’t make as personal of a connection.

A great way to reach out is just to pick up the telephone. People rely so much on the ease of connecting electronically, that we rarely hear a human voice on the phone.  Even if all you do is leave a voice message, they hear your voice and they’ve thought of you again. More importantly, they know you thought of them.

Another great way that people think is outdated and old-fashioned is sending things in the mail. When you think about how much you get in your email inbox, getting something fun in the mail is much more exciting to open than another electronic newsletter. If you can send a card, a hand-written note, or even a gift in the mail, that is a great way to reach out to the people in your business and make yourself stand out from all the people who are relying on email as their only way of communicating to the people that they do business with.

You may worry about the added expense of sending mail.  The cost of sending a card or letter in the mail is still less than $.50.  The key to making it both affordable and effective is to narrow down your list and send mail only to the most important contacts on your list. It is important that you then do it consistently, just like any other marketing.  If you send a holiday card once a year, it does nothing to build a relationship.  In order to build relationships, you need to reach out regularly.

Make sure you include a variety of ways to reach out to people in your business. If they don’t ever open the email, maybe they’ll listen to the voicemail. If they don’t listen to the voicemail, they’ll probably open a card that they get in the mail from you. And so somehow, someway, you will get in front of the key people in your business. When you reach out in multiple ways, you develop relationships and people are more likely to do business with you. If you’re looking for more ideas on how to reach out to the key people in your business, fill out the form and schedule your own Personal PowWOW call.


  1. Great tips Deb! I’ve been guilty of passive marketing and networking – relying on newsletters and blogging. But they really are just the gate openers. When you want clients and not just “likes” or list members, it’s time to get personal.

    • Tai, I think we all hear so much about building a list. That is important. But people buy from people they like – and they like people who pay attention to them. It’s all about building a relationship.

  2. Deb these are wonderful tips!

    I am someone who cherishes a personal touch. I find myself numbed by all the different coaches or marketing gurus out there that are trying to sell me their services and tend to ignore almost all of them.
    I’m a real person with a real business that get’s “sold” to all the time.

    The people who win my business are the ones that stop to press pause and genuinely reach out to me and earn my business by truly caring and wishing to make a difference in my business. Being deliberate in interacting with me on a personal level will win me over 90% of the time because very few are taking the time to do so.

    Great tips and reminders. I think we all can do a better job at building stronger personable relationships with our prospects and clients.

    Thanks for a great article!

    • Kimberly, Thanks for your input! I get tired of being “sold” to as well. I want to do business with people who care enough about me that I know “they’ve got my back.” If all they are looking for is income, and not my best interest – I’m not interested!

  3. DebBrown love the idea of getting in touch personally like mailing out a card just because or giving a call. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks, Carmen! Let me know when you try it and what kind of response you get. You may not get a response the first time you do it, but adding personal touches on a consistent basis will make a difference in your business.

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