How to Appreciate on a Budget – Without Looking Cheap!

One of the first things businesses think about with client appreciation gifts is the budget.  It may be the end of the year, which coincides with the holidays.  The budget is low, and yet, you feel obligated to send out gifts. Even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, don’t pick out something purely based on price so that you look cheap to your customers. You can appreciate on a budget. You just have to do it in a meaningful way.

appreciate on a budget

There was one time where I had invested a lot of money, with another business and at the end of the year they sent me the traditional holiday gift.  When I received my gift in the mail, I opened it up, nicely wrapped. I was excited, wondered what it would be.  And then I unwrapped it.  I had this deflated feeling. Quite honestly, the gift looked cheap. They didn’t spend a lot of money.  That’s their choice, that’s their budget.  What they spent their money on just looked cheap to me. In this case, it probably would have been better for that business to not send any holiday gift at all rather than to send something that looked cheap. It gave their clients a feeling of, “really, is that all I mean to you?”

One thing to think about when you are determining a budget for client gifts, is how much money your clients invest in you. Be more generous to high-level clients that have invested a lot of money in you. They’re being extremely generous to you by investing in you.  You need to reciprocate and show them that you appreciate that by giving them a quality gift. Spend a little more on clients that are higher end.

When your clients open a gift from you, you want them to think highly of you. You want to make them feel special.  Whatever you give is a reflection of what your business relationship means.  You can still appreciate on a budget, if you make your gift meaningful. If you give something cheap-looking, you run the risk of making your clients feel like you don’t value them.  When they think you don’t care about them, they will find another business that can do what you do for less money.

If you have a small budget and don’t have a lot to spend, we have ideas of inexpensive gifts that you can give that still will wow your clients.  If you need help finding ideas that are low-cost but not cheap looking, please schedule a call and we’d be happy to help you.

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