How to Achieve Harmony

When the kids are fighting somehow I always get pulled into the middle of it. And as the mom of 5 kids, I have seen my share of fights. Each one wants me to take their side and prove the other is wrong. It drives me crazy.

For example, over Spring Break my two teenage boys got into it – over what I’m not sure. My photographer was at my house and we were going through the photos from my photo shoot when one came complaining of a bloody nose. (Turned out it was a scratch that produced a small amount of blood.) The other one had broken glasses. I was totally embarrassed by the “performance” they put on for my guest. We ended up at the optical department switching out his lenses for the frames they had on the wall. (And that was only the first day of Spring Break week!)

One of my top strengths in StrengthsFinder is harmony. How that plays out with the kids is that I take time to listen to both sides and then try to help them find a solution where both parties take responsibility for their part in the problem.


Having harmony as a strength also serves me well in business. Because of it, I find ways to solve problems without being confrontational. I look for common ground and allow all viewpoints to be heard. When things don’t go right, I want all parties to feel listened to and understood and feel that things were resolved fairly. It shapes my approach to customer service and apologizing for mistakes.

I also approach things logically and systematically. Taking a systematic approach to customer service and dealing with mistakes helped me create the WOW, I’m Sorry! Checklist. It is part of the Client Retention Jumpstart – a set of 5 checklists and templates that bring a systematic approach to taking care of your business relationships.

If harmony is not your strength, you can use a checklist to approach customer service issues in your business.

I’m curious, how do you deal with conflict and problems that arise in your business? Is harmony one of your strengths? How do you break up kid squabbles in your home? Share in the comments below.

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