How Do You Make Your Clients Feel?

Think about the last interaction you had with your service provider. Think about how you felt at the end of that interaction. There are three ways you could have felt. You may have had a negative reaction. It may just be a neutral reaction or a positive reaction. These reactions may be random, but as a business owner you can plan your client experience.

If you had a negative reaction it probably means that something went wrong between you and the business in some way and they didn’t do anything to make it right. Maybe they tried to make it right but you still didn’t feel satisfied. In that case, you’re probably not going to go back to them. Rather than refer your friends, it’s very likely that you’re going to warn them about it. You probably feel the need to get it off your chest because you’re a little frustrated. This is probably the result of the business not planning their client experience.

Another possibility is that the business transaction left no particular impression on you.  If you had a neutral experience then it was just simply a transaction. You don’t care one way or another if you go back to that business. They may have satisfied you, but they obviously didn’t go above and beyond.

The third way you may have felt is to have a positive reaction to your interaction with a service provider. If you had a positive reaction, you might tell your friends about it, but oftentimes you might keep it to yourself until you hear about someone who needs that same service. Then you are more likely to recommend the business because you had a great experience with them.  If the experience was above and beyond and really great, you might post it on your Facebook page. You might tweet about it or tell your friends about it.

client experience

Now think about your own business. How do you want your clients to walk away from their interactions with you? Obviously, if you care about your business, you don’t want them to have a negative reaction. When something does go wrong, you need to do whatever you can to make it right to the customer. You don’t want them to have a neutral reaction because there’s no guarantee that they are going to come back to you. And there’s no guarantee that they will share your service with a friend.

You want every interaction with your clients to be a positive one. Your clients should feel great about having done business with you. Hopefully they will feel so great they’ll tell their friends about it and they’ll come back to you.

How can you create that positive client experience so that it will happen over and over with many different clients? You have to have a plan.  Plan for how you will interact with your clients and what to do when a mistake is made. Create a plan for how you will go above and beyond in service to them.  Implement a client appreciation plan.

One of the things we do at Touch Your Client’s Heart is we help create a plan to make a fabulous client experience. If you’re trying to figure out how you can show appreciation to your clients so they do have a really wonderful experience with your business, schedule a call.  We can help you create a positive experience for your clients so they stay with you longer and tell their friends about you.

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