How do you find someone’s mailing address?

find someone's mailing addressWhen business is done virtually, it can be challenging to find someone’s mailing address. When you want to send mail, you may want to do it with an element of surprise. If you call and ask for their address, it ruins part of the surprise. You also may worry about people thinking you are being nosy or not wanting to share that personal information.

How in the world do you find someone’s mailing address without looking nosy? Here are 8 ways you can find a mailing address for a virtual connection.

  1. Ask. If it is a client, make it part of the intake process. If it is an associate, send an email and ask for their mailing address. You can mention you have something you want to send them or simply say you are updating your records. Even if they know you are sending them something, they will probably forget about it and still be surprised when it arrives in the mail.
  2. Business Card. If you have their business card or other promotional material, their address may be listed there. It may be a work address, but it is still a way to get something to them in the mail if it is appropriate to contact them in that environment.
  3. Payment Information. If they have done business with you, their address may come up on a PayPal receipt or be listed on their contact information in your shopping cart/database.
  4. Add a Website Form. When people sign up for my free opt-in offer, they are taken to a page that asks for their mailing address. Not everyone fills it out, but I get some addresses that way.
  5. Check their online presence. Some websites list a mailing address. Some Facebook pages list an address. If you are a member of the same organization, check the directory for their mailing address.
  6. Check their e-newsletter. It is required by law to list a mailing address in the footer of the email. Sometimes when people move their physical location, they forget to update it, but you can often get the information you need here.
  7. Legal Business Listing. If they own a business, check their business listing at the Secretary of State website. You have to list your mailing address with the state. Just realize that the business name on their business card or the name of their website isn’t always the legal name of their business.
  8. Online search. If you know their name and state, you may have a chance to find someone’s mailing address through a site like or You can even Google their name and see what comes up. Unfortunately, there are a lot of Deb Browns out there, along with many other common last names. You can also do a reverse phone number search on this site, which might give you the information you need. For fun, I searched Deb Brown in Minnesota. It came up with a lot of matches. None of them were me. If you search my business phone number, it comes up as a cell phone number in Minneapolis.

Beware of privacy laws and regulations. If you work as a health practitioner or therapist of some sort, you may be under obligation to NOT contact clients through the mail.

Figuring out how to find someone’s mailing address when you live in a virtual world can be tricky. The best policy is to make it a natural part of your process and build a database with addresses. Ask each new contact. Include it on your intake forms. Once you have addresses, you have power to communicate with people in another way. What do you think? How have you collected mailing addresses? Can you find my mailing address now that I gave you a few clues? Comment below.

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