Give the Gift of Time

There is a series of books that Gary Chapman has written that center around The Five Love Languages. In a nutshell, a love language is the way to give and receive love and appreciation. One of those languages is quality time. Giving your clients the gift of time can help them feel appreciated by you.

Gift of time

How does this apply to your business? Spending quality time with your clients is a great way to make them feel appreciated.  How can you spend quality time with your clients so they feel like they have all of you? One way to do it is to just incorporate into every action a little more time than is expected. If you are a coach who does 45 minute calls with your clients, stretch that a little bit longer.  Then your clients know you’re not in a hurry to cut them off, you’re not going to hurry to get to the next client, but you’re genuinely interested in them and you’re willing to give them a little more of your time.

Another way you can do this is as you’re spending time with your clients, reach them on a personal basis. Talk to them about their families. Talk to them about personal things to develop and strengthen your relationship. Don’t bill them for those minutes. Let that be a gift of time from you to them and it will mean a lot.

The Gift of Time at Events

Another thing you can do is to host events where your clients are invited at no cost to them. This is a great way to get face time with your clients in an atmosphere where it’s not about the sale.  It is more of a social event and a time to bond and strengthen those relationships. When you spend time with your clients at an event like that, it’s a great way to make your clients feel loved and appreciated.  Because it is a non-business interaction, they feel valued as a person, not just a client.

By spending more time with your clients, you are sending the message that they are more than just a business transaction to you.  It proves that they are more than a checkmark on your to-do list.  It makes your clients feel valued.  When they know their business is valued by you, they are less likely to move to a competitor over price or the latest offering.

Using this strategy to let your clients know you appreciate them can be really helpful if you are in an industry that has regulations around the amount of money you can spend on client gifts.  When you are limited on how much you can gift, you need to use other ways to give your clients the message that they matter.  Spending time with them is a great no-cost way to do that.

If you need help finding ways to let your clients know you appreciate their business, contact us.  We specialize in client appreciation.

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