Gift of the Week – Wood from the Hood

Reclaimed wood is popular in interior design and home décor. Designers are frequently using old slabs of wood from barns and historic buildings in furniture and decorative items. Wood from the Hood uses reclaimed wood from the city. They take discarded trees from the Twin Cities area of Minnesota and then use the wood to create decorative and functional objects.

Wood from the HoodWood from the Hood sells flight paddles, cribbage boards and cutting boards. They also carry tablet holders and bottle openers. There make items from white oak, silver maple, elm, pine, black walnut and ash wood, among others. Lumber and flooring is also available for purchase.

Wood from the Hood does custom projects and accepts donated trees for their projects.

Who gives Wood from the Hood as a gift?

Wood from the Hood is a great gift choice for local Twin Cities businesses. If you have a storefront and can use a tree from the neighborhood, then it makes a unique gift with a story behind it.

A reunion or event planner can have a log turned into a small favor like an ornament or bottle opener for everyone who attends. Find a downed tree on grandpa’s property or a tree that everyone remembers from the school you attended. Then use it to create a memento.

A local brewery can give out flight paddles or bottle openers to their top clients or suppliers. An urban computer tech can give out tablet holders made of wood from their neighborhood.

Make it more meaningful.

Gifts from Wood from the Hood are more meaningful when they come from a tree with some significance. When a neighborhood tree goes down in a storm or has to be removed, donate it and have it made into something significant. Then you can share the story behind the gift.

Get Yours

Wood from the Hood products are found in some specialty shops locally, but you can shop online or contact them about a custom project here.







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