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Is there a place that is special to you? Do you have great memories of the town you grew up in? Do you reminisce about the town you went to college in? Maybe you fondly remember the town where you met your significant other or where you got engaged. Whatever that special place is for you, Uncommon Green has a way to honor that place in your day to day life.

Uncommon Green creates glassware custom etched with a map of your home town or college town. The glassware ranges from wine glasses, mason glasses, glass coffee mugs to larger carafes for serving. Once you choose the item you want, then you type in the town or college.

Uncommon Green glasswareWho gives Uncommon Green glassware as a gift?

Uncommon Green glassware makes a great gift for an event planner. Order these done of the city where the event took place and then give to the committee members or main contact person. If you are a college planner, then give one of these as a congratulations gift when your client gets accepted to college.

If your client is known for coming from a small town that no one has heard of, then surprise them with a glass that illustrates their hometown. This would also be a great gift for anyone who is exceptionally loyal to their college or town.

Make it more meaningful.

The meaning in this gift comes from connecting the recipient to a special location in their life. It may take some research to find out the town they grew up in, but taking the time to find that detail makes the gift that much more special.

Get Yours

Order Uncommon Green glassware online, here. Make sure you allow enough time. These pieces take a little time because they are custom, made to order. They have some standard options on their site for big cities that won’t take as long to receive.

Do you have a favorite town? Do you have anything that reminds you of that place? Share in the comments below.

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