Gift of the Week – Tire Bowl

Tire BowlDo you know someone who is crazy for cars? This tire bowl is great for kids and adults who are fascinated by cars. This six inch bowl has a rubberized tread and a hubcap lid. The bowl is 2 1/2” deep. You can eat your bowl of cereal or soup out of this bowl, or you can use it as a candy dish. It is also a great place to keep keys, loose change or small office supplies.

The tire bowl is not microwave or dishwasher safe, but as a novelty bowl it still makes a great gift. It is unusual enough to catch people’s attention and get them talking.

Who gives a tire bowl as a gift?

If your client, colleague or employee is a car enthusiast, this would make a great gift. This would be especially good for businesses that work with cars. Are your clients car repair or tire shops? Send them this tire bowl filled with candy. If your clients sell cars or specialize in auto insurance, this would also be great.

If you own a tire shop, this would be a great gift for your top contract clients. Send them out for National Tire Safety week (held annually the week of Memorial Day) along with some tips to keep their tires in safe condition for summer road trips.

Make it more meaningful.

Fill the bowl with candy or mints before you give the gift. Include a clever saying like:

  • “We never ‘tire’ of great clients like you.”
  • “We ‘wheely’ appreciate you.”
  • “Thanks for being our customer. ’Wheel’ always take great care of you.”

Get yours.

Whether you are buying this bowl for a grease monkey, car expert, or clients of your car-related business, this tire bowl is sure to make a statement. You can get yours here.







  1. Love this idea. I have mailed unusual things, but haven’t heard of this one!

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