Gift of the Week – Three Tines

Three Tines napkinThree Tines is a textile product company that focuses on items for the kitchen and table. They create ethically produced, eco-conscious products constructed from certified organic cotton and other sustainably raised crops. It is a priority to them to create products from materials that have a positive impact on the people that produce them as well as the world we live in. Their signature products are dinner napkins made from hemp and aprons made of organic cotton and hemp.


Who gives kitchen textiles as a gift?

Because these are kitchen and table products, they would make great wedding gifts no matter what industry your business is in. They are also a good match for businesses that focus on food in some way. If you are a nutrition coach, a meal planner, or teach cooking classes, these would make a great gift for your clients. If your business focuses on sustainability or being eco-conscious, this would also be a great reflection of your brand. These products are definitely for clients who care about quality. They will appreciate the high quality fabrics and the details in the craftsmanship.

Make it more meaningful.Three Tines apron

Three Tines offers a variety of colors. Choosing the color of your brand will subtly remind the recipient of you and your brand without being promotional in nature. You could choose your client’s favorite color instead to more personally delight them. You could include a recipe, a whisk, or a ladle with the apron for a little extra touch. You can use the napkins as a stand-alone gift or include them with napkin rings or dishes to make it more special.


Special Discount

Three Tines is offering free shipping to Touch Your Client’s Heart followers. All you have to do is add the code: DB16. You can find their collection here.

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