Gift of the Week – Tactical Christmas Stocking

How can you make a standard Christmas stocking more interesting? The tactical Christmas stocking puts a new twist on this holiday staple. It is made of nylon and has MOLLE straps, carabiners and clips. You could say it is a military grade stocking. It has a handle, a zipper and an external pouch. It screams rugged and tough. This stocking isn’t for wimps.

Unlike most holiday stockings, the tactical Christmas stocking is perfect for folks who are less festive and more edgy. This gives an opportunity for them to celebrate while still embracing their personality.

Who gives a tactical Christmas stocking as a gift?tactical christmas stocking

If you have clients who are current or retired military personnel, this stocking will appeal to them. People who love outdoor adventures – like hunting, hiking, camping or climbing – will enjoy this as well.

If you lead outdoor adventure excursions, these stockings would be a fun holiday gift for your top clients. If you work with people from any branch of the military, this is a delightful way to recognize their service as well as appreciate them as a client. An outfitter company could send these to their top clients.

You may use these to recognize your own hobbies and interests. If you are known for your military service or for an outdoor adventure hobby, your clients will smile when they receive this unusual stocking from you because it reflects who you are.

Make it more meaningful.

Fill the stocking with army men gummy candy or camo jelly beans. Include something in camouflage – a hat, blanket, or water bottle. Stuff it with survival supplies like rope, rain gear, a solar blanket or a water filter. Include an interesting message:

  • Look inside for some mandatory fun
  • Have an adventurous holiday
  • I hope you have a wild time this holiday season
  • Get down and give me 20 – candy canes, that is!

Get Yours

To purchase a Tactical Christmas Stocking for your favorite military personnel or outdoor enthusiast, go here. Who do you know that would get a kick out of this? Why would they like it? Share in the comments below.


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