Gift of the Week – State Icons

State Icons Statue of LibertyEverywhere you travel has its own special iconic places. As a tourist, you probably make a point of seeing them. When they are in your home town or state, you feel an attachment to them. They help identify home to you. Many of these iconic places around the country have been preserved by Christy Johnson as illustrations she calls State Icons.

Her illustrations are printed and framed in handmade frames as a keepsake of someplace special. Because she is from Minnesota, there are many illustrations from that state. You will find illustrations of places in 36 states, the District of Columbia, and a few international spots.

The State Icons are quite small, only 3.75” by 3.25” wood with recycled glass inside. The thick frames allow them to stand on their own, or be hung on the wall.  You can purchase a larger version of any of the prints as well as smaller Christmas ornaments.

State Icons will also do custom work. Have an iconic place that they haven’t illustrated before? Perhaps you want a print of something more personal like a family home or business. Contact them for details.

State Icons US CapitolWho gives State Icons as a gift?

State Icons make great gifts for a travel agent. Imagine your clients returning from a special trip and receiving a souvenir from the place they visited.

A real estate agent who helps people with relocation could give a print from the client’s former state to honor where they came from.

Make it more meaningful.

Take the time to choose a place that will be meaningful to the recipient. Whether it is the state they were born, where they went to college, or the place they visited on vacation, it will be meaningful to them.

State Icons Golden Gate BridgeGet Yours

State Icons are a meaningful gift for anyone who wants to remember a special place. You can see their selection and get them here.

What iconic place would you love to have to display in your home or office? Share in the comments below.


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