Gift of the Week – Sinking Feeling Coffee Mug

sinking feeling coffee mug


This isn’t the kind of gift that is tender and appreciative. The sinking mug is more of a silly, catch your attention and make people laugh kind of gift. Since it is April Fool’s Day, I’m featuring this as a great gag gift. Have you ever had “that sinking feeling?” This sinking feeling coffee mug is a play on that feeling. The mug itself holds 8 ounces, but it looks as though half of it has sunk into the surface it is sitting on.

Who gives a gag gift?

If your brand personality is a little quirky or off the wall, this might make the perfect gift. If you have a bit of irreverence and are known for your sense of humor, this mug will nicely reflect who you are without being offensive to anyone. Likewise, if you have a client who is a bit edgy, a practical joker, or always has a clever quip, they will appreciate this gift.

Make it more meaningful.

To make this sinking feeling coffee mug more meaningful you could include a clever note. “I had a sinking feeling I hadn’t let you know how much I appreciate your business.” It could also be used as an apology gift. “I have a sinking feeling we let you down. Please accept our sincerest apologies.” Adding some coffee, tea, or cocoa (depending on the recipient’s preferences) will also make this gift more meaningful.

Special Discount

Right now, it is listed on sale for $5, but the regular price is $14.99. I’m not sure how long the price will last. Even at full price, this would make a fun gift that will get people talking. Whether you send it for an April Fool’s Day joke, an apology, or just to get a laugh, the sinking feeling coffee mug is sure to be an original idea. You can get yours here.


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