Gift of the Week – Signature Necklaces

Signature NecklacesYour signature is as unique as your fingerprint. It uniquely identifies you. You can probably recognize someone’s handwriting that you know well. A monogrammed gift makes the gift more personal. Imagine taking someone’s very unique signature and turning it into a work of art. Brevity Jewelry has developed a way to turn a person’s signature into a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. Their signature necklaces are created from an uploaded picture of the person’s signature. It takes about 6 weeks to go from submitting the order to shipping, so plan ahead.

Custom drawing necklaceThey can also create cuff links, tie bars, key chains and bracelets from a signature. Brevity Jewelry also creates jewelry from drawings. You can submit a child’s drawing and make a necklace for their mother. If you have artistic talent, you can create your own black and white drawing for them to turn into a piece of jewelry.

Who gives signature necklaces as a gift?

This would be a great gift for an image consultant, personal stylist, or personal branding consultant to give to their clients. If you work with artists, use one of their sketches to create a beautiful piece for them. If you work with parents of young children, having a piece made from their child’s artwork could be a special touch.

Make it more meaningful.

You don’t need to add anything to this gift to make it more meaningful. A custom piece of jewelry made from your client’s signature or artwork is already highly personal.

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If you want to give a gift that is truly personal, signature necklaces are perfect. It shows you took the time to notice something about them that is uniquely theirs. You can order signature necklaces here.


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