Gift of the Week – PrideBites

PrideBites custom toyNational Pet Parents Day is April 24th. What is the perfect gift for a pet parent? Something for their pet. Let’s face it, pet owners can be a bit obsessed with their pets. PrideBites sells custom pet toys and accessories. Their items can be personalized with not only your pet’s name, but also an artistic rendering of the pet. You upload a picture and one of their artists creates a hand drawn image that is then put on the product. Their product line includes blankets, beds, toys and toy boxes as well as collars, leashes, doggie clothes and placemats.

Who gives pet items as a gift?

PrideBites products are great for businesses in the pet industry. If you work with dogs, consider sending a thank you gift to the dog, instead of the owner. Even though the pet owner is paying for your services, nothing would make them happier than to see that you love their animal enough to send it a gift. If you are a pet sitter, dog walker, doggy day care, obedience trainer, or animal communicator these gifts would make a great impression on your clients.

You could also consider a pet gift if you have a client whose pet is a significant part of their life and there is a major event like a pet birthday or illness that you want to be supportive of. Maybe you are the gardener who was called in to fix what the dog dug up. A fun thank you after the project would be a custom dog toy so the dog has something other than the garden to play with.

Make it more meaningful.

Obviously, PrideBites is all about customization and that will make these gifts meaningful to your clients. Take the time to snap a picture of your client’s dog or find one on their social media account. If you can’t access their picture that way, ask your client to send you one.

Get Yours Here

If you go to the PrideBites website, scroll down to the bottom to be added to their email list and receive $5 off. They also have a code on the top banner for $10 off any purchase of $49.99 or more. To see their full product line and customize a product for your favorite canine client, go here.

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