Gift of the Week – Precious Metal Prints

precious metal printsThere are a few things that are completely unique to a person – their DNA, their signature, their fingerprints. Precious Metal Prints takes one of your most unique features – your fingerprint – and turns it into unique pieces of jewelry.

It starts with buying a kit from them. When the kit arrives with complete instructions, you take a print of the fingerprint (or pet nose) that you want to preserve. After the clay has dried, you send it back to them in the box they provide. They then create a charm or cufflink made of gold or silver. You will receive it back in 2-4 weeks from their studio in Tennessee.

In addition to the one-of-a-kind print on your piece, they will stamp up to 3 initials on the other side of the pendant.

Who gives Precious Metal Prints as a gift?

precious metal printsAs sad as it sounds, this is a great way to immortalize a person or pet. This would be a great gift for a hospice or veterinarian to provide as a way to say goodbye to a loved one and remember them going forward.

It would also be a loved treasure for parents or pet owners of a living pet or child. If your business revolves around pet owners or parents, you could consider giving them this as a keepsake. It makes a great Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift as well.

Make it more meaningful.Precious Metal Prints

This gift is already highly meaningful because it is so personal. For parents, you could include the poem about how their children leave their fingerprints on furniture and walls. For pet parents you could include the saying, “Never underestimate the warmth of a cold, wet nose.”

Get Yours

Precious Metal Prints are carried at a number of retailers around the country, but you can also order online here. This gift will make a keepsake that will be treasured for years to come and can easily last for generations.


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