Gift of the Week – Patent Prints

patent printsPatent Prints are just what they say they are – art prints of patents suitable for framing and hanging in your home or office. They have taken simple objects and made them into interesting works of art. You can choose the background color of your print with options that look like parchment, blueprints, or a chalkboard background. The prints range in sizes from 5” x 7” to 24” x 36”.

Patent Prints has a library of hundreds of patents, but you can also special request a specific patent. Order a custom print by submitting the patent number, the inventor or the date it was issued.

Although they only sell the prints on their site, I recommend purchasing a frame and framing it before you give it as a gift.

Patent PrintsWho gives Patent Prints as a gift?

This is a great gift for engineers or businesses that work with engineers. Patent attorneys will delight their clients when they present them with artwork of their own patent. This is also a great gift for anyone that works with inventors.

If your industry works with a specific patented object (like a camera, guns, musical instruments, sports equipment, etc.), this will make a unique and meaningful gift.

Patent Prints have prints that relate to hobbies as well – fishing, Star Wars, Legos, sports, etc. If you have a client who is passionate about a certain hobby, choose patent prints related to that interest.

Make it more meaningful.

Have a custom print made for someone who has a patent. What a fun and meaningful way to recognize their ingenuity and hard work.

Get Yours

Purchase Patent Prints through their online store. They have a pretty quick turnaround, usually getting them in the mail within 1 business day. You can search their entire selection here.



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