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NY Times gift reprintMy mother saved the newspaper from the day I was born. It is a little piece of history to show me what life was like that day. Did you know you can now commemorate any date of personal or historical significance with a NY Times gift reprint? Simply choose the day of significance and go online to order the appropriate gift.

The NY Times gift department offers front page reprints in several sizes – both framed and unframed. They also carry a number of custom books. Their Special Day books allows you to choose a date (perhaps a birthday or anniversary) and they will create a hardcover book of the newspaper reprint from that day in history. They also have a Custom Birthday Book with the front page from that date every year until the present.

Who gives a NY Times gift as a gift?

NY Times gift bookThese NY Times reprints and books are perfect for commemorating a milestone birthday or anniversary. You could also purchase this to celebrate the birth of a new baby. Business owners who have a close personal relationship with their clients could use this as a birthday gift.

NY Times gift books or reprints would also be appropriate to commemorate something like the start of a business or business anniversary. Do your work with brick and mortar businesses? Have a framed reprint made to celebrate their grand opening or a milestone of years in business.

Make it more meaningful.

This gift is already meaningful because it is personalized to a significant date. The cover of the books is also embossed with the name and date of the recipient.

Get Yours

You can find the NY Times gift store online here.    Prices range from $59.95 – $179.95. Do you have a copy of the newspaper from the day you were born? Do you want to celebrate a milestone for a business or personal contact in your life? Share below.

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