Gift of the Week – Notes to Self Socks

While on a road trip, with her feet propped up on the dashboard, Laura Schmidt got an idea. She was a believer in affirmations and knew that the beginning and end of the day is the best time for them. She wondered how powerful it would be to put affirmations on socks. You would see them in the morning and at night. All day long, your subconscious would have the message. From that idea, she created notes to self® socks.

notes to selfNotes to self socks come in sizes from newborn to men’s 16 shoe, so you can find them to fit most anyone. Most of them are ankle socks, but they also carry some crew socks and dress socks. The one thing they all have in common is a positive message. Most of the socks say “I am: strong, beautiful, amazing, courageous, etc.” There are also socks that state “I have: faith, hope, a story, etc.” The affirmation is on the top of the toe with the main word large on the sole of the sock.

They also carry socks for roles in life like bride, groom, mom, dad, grandparent, and even nurses, teachers and other occupations. There is a collection of baby products as well as headbands and pillowcases.

Who gives notes to self socks as a gift?

notes to selfI love these socks for anyone who needs a little encouragement. It is especially appropriate for coaches who encourage affirmations. After you work with someone, send them a pair of socks with an affirmation that reflects what they are working on.

Personal trainers can give these to encourage their clients to work towards their goals. Image consultants, photographers, and aestheticians can give, “I am beautiful” socks to their clients. A tutor can give, “I am smart” socks to encourage struggling students.


notes to selfMake it more meaningful.

The meaning comes from choosing an affirmation that is meaningful to the recipient. Know someone going through cancer? Choose, “I have hope,” or, “I am healthy.” Do you want to support someone training for a sport? Try something like, “I have grit,” or, “I am powerful.” If you want to encourage someone try, “I am lucky,” or, “I am optimistic,” or, “I am happy.” There are so many possibilities!

Get Yours

Notes to self® socks can be found in some gift stores, or here.  What affirmation would you choose for your socks? Who would you like to give a pair to? Share in the comments below.

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