Gift of the Week – ManHands Soaps

ManHands Soaps CompanyLavender, citrus, green tea or floral are the kinds of soap scents you would see in the store. Until recently, Irish Spring was the most manly soap on the market.  ManHands Soaps founder, Adam Anderson, found nothing but girly soap scents in his home and decided to do something about it. He developed a line of soaps that men would appreciate. You can purchase scents like fresh cut grass, baseball glove, bacon, bonfire and new car smell.

They have expanded their selection to include liquid soaps, shave and beard products and kids scents like bubblegum, cotton candy and root beer float.


Who gives ManHands Soaps as a gift?

If you have clients who are men, this would be a great, low cost gift. If you work in landscaping or yard maintenance, giving fresh cut grass or topsoil scented soap at the holidays would be a great reminder of your services. If your business involves car repair or sales, why not send your clients new car smell soap as a thank you gift? Financial planners could send out cash scented soap as a pre-return on investments.

Make it more meaningful.

Matching the ManHands Soaps scents to your brand or to your clients’ interests will make this a meaningful gift. Is your client into sports? Try baseball glove, football, or race day scent. Do you have a client who is into politics? There are democrat, republican, and independent soaps.  You can also include a clever note like, “We thought you would enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass this winter. We look forward to cutting your grass again next spring.”

Get Yours

ManHands Soaps are carried in some manly sporting goods stores, but you can see everything they have to offer here. Right now they are holding a sale for Father’s Day, so you might want to stock up and save them for gifting later in the year.

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