Gift of the Week – Magic Cook

Magic Cook lunch boxMagic Cook is a system that cooks and heats food without any sort of fire, fuel, or equipment. The outer container is plastic. You insert a water-activated heat pack and add water. Within minutes, the water is boiling and producing steam that heats the inner stainless steel container. Your food is in the inner container. There is a lid with a silicone seal to lock in the heat and keep the contents from spilling. Once your food is cooked or reheated, it will stay warm for 30 minutes to an hour. The heat pack can only be used once, but you can buy them in bulk on the website.

Magic Cook is great for people who have outdoor hobbies like camping, fishing, hunting, rock climbing, snow skiing. It can also be a great thing to take on a picnic or hike or even to work if work is on location and not in an office. They have both a lunch box and a travel cup, but the lunch box is currently sold out.

You can also use it as a cooler by putting ice in the outer container. If you take it on a warm day, the ice might be melted by the time you are ready to eat so you can use it to activate the heat pack.

Magic Cook cupWho gives Magic Cook as a gift?

Magic Cook would be great if you have a client with outdoor hobbies. This would also be a good gift if you promote outdoor activities. If you are an outfitter, trail guide or outdoor instructor this would be a fun gift to give to your clients.

Make it more meaningful.

Including a recipe or ideas of foods to use in the container would be a nice personal touch. You could include an invitation to a client appreciation outdoor adventure. Ask them to bring their Magic Cook and you will supply the food to heat in it.

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Magic Cook is sold on their website here.

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