Gift of the Week – Lumen Candles

lumen candlesDo you remember making shadow figures on the wall or a sheet using a flashlight when you were a kid? Lumen candles takes that same concept of using light to make a projection on the wall and turns it into a unique art piece. In fact, it was created by installation artist Adam Frank.

When it isn’t lit, it looks like a simple metal sculpture with the outline of a tree or flower. Lumen candles are only 6 inches tall and made of stainless steel. The inside of the cylinder is filled with an odorless, clean-burning liquid wax. When you light it, the magic begins. The nature-inspired sculptures cast a flickering shadow on the wall. The darker the room, the more visible it is. It shows up better on light colored walls.

Who gives Lumen Candles as a gift?

lumen candlesI love these as a gift from a landscape company or arborist. Even when the landscaping is covered in snow, your clients can enjoy the shadow of a leafy tree in their living room and think of the beautiful work you did on their yard.

This also makes a lovely gift for a housewarming gift, or just for your favorite tree-hugger. It is a unique gift for a real estate agent to give at closing. An arboretum could give this as a yearly gift to their biggest donors.


Make it more meaningful.

Although you can’t personalize lumen candles, you can choose a tree that the recipient loves or has in their yard. You could also include a heart-felt note reminding them of warm weather, camp fires, or beautiful trees.

Get Yours

You can find Adam Frank’s lumen candles a number of places on the web. I found them first here.   Do you know someone who would love the combination of candle, sculpture, and shadow show?

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