Gift of the Week – Little Standouts

little standouts hashtag teetherTrendy parents love trendy baby supplies. Since babies put everything in their mouths, wouldn’t it be cool to have a teether that makes a statement? That’s exactly what the creator of Little Standouts thought. She wanted safe baby teethers that reflected adult interests. They are pretty new and only have a few options, but the options are adorable. They are made of silicon, safety tested, and dishwasher safe. They carry a hashtag, camera, diamond, and hand design.

Because of their unique design, these Little Standouts teethers will literally stand out. Other moms will notice and comment, starting a conversation about you and your business.

Who gives teethers as a gift?

If you have a client who is expecting, this is a cute, affordable gift. Are you a socialittle standouts cameral media manager or do you know the mommy-to-be dominates the social media scene? Then the hashtag would be a great gift.

If you are a photographer, or one of the expectant parents is – then definitely give that baby a camera. This would be great for a newborn photographer. After the session, send the baby his or her own “camera.”

If you are in the jewelry business and have a client or colleague who is expecting, diamonds will be the baby’s best friend.

Make it more meaningful.

Matching the teether to your business or your client’s interests will make the gift feel personal. Some of them have a few color options and you could choose a favorite color or color from your brand to make it more meaningful.

Get Yours

Little Standouts teethers are $15. They are carried in a few specialty boutiques across the country, but it may be easiest just to order online.


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