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October is National Book Month. In honor of the celebration, I found these great book related gifts from Litographs. Litographs takes the text from famous books and turns them into decorative pieces that every book lover will enjoy. Their products include posters as well as t-shirts, scarves and totes. The available books range from children’s storybooks like Corduroy, to Shakespeare and Jane Austin classics. They offer the text of over 200 books. What a great way to celebrate Book Month!

litographs t-shirtWho gives Litographs as a gift?

If you are in the business of books, then consider purchasing one of their products as a gift for clients, colleagues, or partners. A book store owner, or librarian your co-workers will love these gifts. An English teacher, publisher, editor, printer, or literary agent could find occasions to purchase any number of their products.

If you aren’t in a book related industry, but you know someone who is an avid reader then this will also make a great gift.

Make it more meaningful.

I wish they had the capability to do custom orders. I would send them the text from my author friends and have something specially printed for them. They hope to do this in the future. Until then, find out if the gift recipient has a favorite author or book and purchase something with that text on it to make it more meaningful.

Get Yours

Litographs sell posters starting at $19. Their t-shirts are priced at $34 while the scarves run $39. They also have tote bags for $29. If you are looking for a lower end option, consider their literary temporary tattoos that are 2 for $5. It could be a unique novelty for an event or a bulk gifting option. To order Litographs, go online here. They are made in and shipped from Boston.


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