Gift of the Week – Let Them Eat Candles

Let Them Eat CandlesWhen the creator of Let Them Eat Candles saw the wax dripping on her son’s beautiful birthday cake, she knew there had to be a better way.  Out of that experience, she developed edible chocolate candles. The wick is a wax covered cotton and shouldn’t be eaten, but you can easily pull it out or eat around it.

Because these are high-end candles, they come in packages of 3 to represent past present and future. They don’t recommend using one candle per year. They prefer to promote quality over quantity when it comes to birthday candles.

Let Them Eat Candles has dark, milk, and white chocolate candles. Each has a design on them. You can also get customized candles with corporate logos or wedding monograms for special occasions.

As with all chocolate products, shipping is challenging in the summer months. They have to ship with a cold pack to ensure the candles come to you the way they leave the company. You can also check their website for local retailers that carry them.

Who gives Let Them Eat Candles as a gift?Let Them Eat Candles

Any business that has a personal relationship with their clients and knows their birthday could use these to celebrate their clients’ birthdays. This could also be a fun bonus for a high end bakery to give their regular customers on their birthdays.

Let Them Eat Candles is a unique way to celebrate your clients’ birthdays without having to buy the cake. Someone else may give them a cake, but no one else will give them these unique candles.

Make it more meaningful.

Personalizing these candles can only be done in large quantities. I would not recommend putting your logo on their birthday candles as it will feel like a celebration of your business, not a celebration of their birthday. You could personalize them with a word or phrase that would reflect your business brand or message while still celebrating your client. You could say, “You rock,” “Shine,” “Sparkle,” “Blessings,” or something similar depending on your brand.

Get Yours

The cost for a 3-pack is about $12 online, but if they are shipped in the summer months, shipping will be expensive. Either order them between October and April, or find a local source. They also only ship within the United States. Check them out at their website here.


  1. Loree Sandler says

    Thank you for this awesome post! Don’t know how you discovered LTEC, but I’m so grateful you like the candles enough to share with your community!

    • I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting gift ideas. I love how innovative and unusual these are!

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