Gift of the Week – KindNotes

KindNotesEach KindNotes is a customizable jar with 31 personal messages in mini decorative envelopes. They have a variety of quotes around the topics of love, gratitude and inspiration as well as messages for holidays or birthdays. KindNotes are a sentimental and unique way to brighten someone’s day. They carry completed sets that have a theme already put together for you. You can also choose the messages you want in the jar. The recipient then takes out and reads the messages as they wish. It could be one a day for a month, or randomly when they want some encouragement.

Who gives KindNotes as a gift?

If your client is going through a challenge – like cancer, they have a cancer themed jar of notes that would be a perfect pick me up. If you simply want to inspire and encourage your clients, KindNotes has many options that would work for that too.

Make it more meaningful.

You can customize the colors and designs of the jars and envelopes. If you know your client’s favorite color, you could choose that. Matching the colors to your brand would be a subtle reminder of your business. You can also submit your own quotes or handwrite them when the jar arrives. Using quotes that are personal to you or are aligned with what you do and the message you bring to the world is a great way to personalize these jars.

One of the options involves receiving a set of blank notes. This would be a great way for a group of people to all share their messages of encouragement or congratulations for someone facing a challenge or celebrating a milestone.

If you don’t have time or don’t like your handwriting, they will hand write your notes for you for an extra fee.

Get Yours

You can find the full selection of KindNotes here. If you are looking to encourage or inspire someone, you will love giving this as a gift.

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