Gift of the Week – Guardian Bells

Guardian BellsThese tiny Guardian Bells are made of pewter in a variety of designs. The bells are a symbol of good luck. They are often attached to motorcycles to protect against accidents or break downs. Guardian Bells have a number of biker-themed bells, but they also have a variety of patriotic, animal, angel and astrology varieties.

It is a feng shui practice to attach a bell to your door and these tiny bells would be perfect for that purpose. They can also be used on a keychain. They are only about 1 inch tall, but each bell is very detailed.

Who gives bells as a gift?

Zen Guardian BellsIf you are in the business of feng shui, astrology, angels or spiritual things, this would be a great client gift. You may also want to give this gift if you want to wish good luck to a client for something they are doing.

If your business revolves around motorcycles or your clients are motorcycle enthusiasts, this is a great gift for you to give to them.

This could also be a great gift for a real estate agent. As home sellers organize and prep their home to sell, the agent can present them with this little bell to put on their doorknob to wish them luck on the sale. For new home buyers, a red ribbon on the door and a bell hanging on the doorknob would be a great way to welcome them home.

Make it more meaningful.

Guardian Bells can be personalized by choosing a bell that reflects the recipients’ interests or astrology sign. Writing a personal note describing the meaning of the gift and the message you hope to share with them will make it more special to the recipient as well.

Get Yours

You can find the complete selection of Guardian Bells on their website – here. Most Guardian Bells are $12.50 – a great, affordable, and unique gift for a client or colleague.


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