Gift of the Week – Gratitude Gifts

Compendium carries a variety of inspirational gifts. Since November is Gratitude Month, I am sharing my 3 favorite Gratitude Gifts they carry.gratitude gifts

  1. Thanks Pop Open Cards. These cards are a nice way to add a little something to a card you are sending. Just slip it in the envelope, with a quick note written on the back. The recipient will pop it open when they receive it to reveal a thank-you related quote.
  2. A Year of Gratitude Kit. This kit includes 52 thank you cards, tips on writing a note and a journal to record your experiences. It’s a nice way to encourage gratitude in someone else’s life.
  3. Thank You Book. gratitude giftsCompendium carries a number of thank you and gratitude-themed books. Filled with quotes and sayings, it is beautiful enough for a coffee table and spreads a wonderful message.

Who gives gratitude gifts?

Although there are many ways to say thank you that don’t have to be thank you themed, these gratitude gifts are one way to express your appreciation. Everyone needs to say thank you from time to time in their business and personal life. You can thank a colleague for a referral, thank a client for their business, or thank someone for a favor. Showing appreciation has a huge impact on you.

Because the book is a permanent gift, it is ideal for a one time thank you for something out of the ordinary.  The pop open cards can be given again and again, because there is a different quote in each one.gratitude gifts

The Year of Gratitude Kit is ideal for a life coach to give to a client who needs to shift their focus and appreciate the good around them. It could be a welcome gift or a yearly gift to all clients.

Make it more meaningful.

Personalizing the book by writing a note of appreciation inside the cover will make the book a treasured keepsake. Adding the reason why you appreciate the person on the back of the pop open cards will make it more meaningful.

Get Yours

Thank You pop open cards are found here.  You can purchase the Year of Gratitude Kit here. Here is the Thank You Book.

What is your favorite way to show appreciation in your personal and professional life? Do you know of a gift that would make a great thank you? Share in the comments below.

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