Gift of the Week – Glassy Baby

Glassy BabyColorful, hand-blown glass with a charitable side to it. That is Glassy Baby. Their home page of their website says, “We hand blow glass with color and light for people who love to give kindness.”

Glass blowing is an art form and these art pieces are created by 80 glass blowers. It takes 4 people 9 minutes to make each one and they are fully finished and cooled after 24 hours. They come in hundreds of colors, each one connected to a charity that benefits people, animals, or the planet. Each piece gives 10% back. To date they have given over $7 million dollars to charity.

Lee Rhodes, the founder, conceived the idea while battling lung cancer. Her husband took glass blowing lessons and created these little “baby glasses.” Lee also learned to blow glass, but ultimately they hired professionals to make the products. Glassy Baby was originally out of Seattle, but has since opened locations in other communities in Washington as well as California and Oregon.

Glassy Baby glasses can be used for candle votives, small vases or drinking glasses.

Who gives Glassy Baby as a gift?Glassy Baby

Interior designers could use this as an end of project gift. Choose a color that matches the color scheme of the project.

If your client has a cause they are passionate about, choose a Glassy Baby that gives back to that cause. Not only will your client love the beautiful glass, they will also feel good about money going to something that matters to them.

Have a client with cancer? Just like the founder found peace in a beautiful, glowing, candle, you can honor your client’s struggle and give back to their cause at the same time.

Make it more meaningful.

Take the time to find a color or cause that is important to the recipient. You can search the Glassy Baby site through colors as well as causes.

Glassy BabyGet Yours

Order your Glassy Baby at their site, here. Who do you know that would love a Glassy Baby? Why would you give it to them? Tell us about it below.


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