Gift of the Week – Gifts for Runners

What do you do with race keepsakes after the race is over? These gifts for runners will turn their keepsakes into treasured displays.

A friend of mine did a color run with her husband and adult children. They had a great time and made memories. I noticed when I was at her house she had her runner’s bib sitting on the table. It was proof that she ran the race. It was her number. I sensed that she didn’t want to get rid of it, but wasn’t sure quite what to do with it. As I was researching gifts for a marathon runner, I found some great gifts for runners. It is exactly what my friend needs.

When you run races, you come home with some cool souvenirs from the event. For each race, you have your race bib that identifies you and many races hand out a medal at the end to acknowledge your accomplishment.  The problem is, what to do with them once race day is over. If you are in high school, you probably hang them on a bulletin board or your headboard. Adults want to retain their keepsakes without looking like a messy teenager’s room.

gifts for runnersI happened upon a couple cool gifts for runners at the Gone for a Run online store. The first is a runner’s bib album. This resembles a scrapbook, but it is just the size of a runner’s bib. You can purchase plastic sleeves to put the bibs in. It becomes a keepsake of all the races the runner has been in. They have many different styles, but I love the ones you can customize with the recipient’s picture. The second gift I love is a race medal display. You can attach it to the wall and keep adding medals after each race. This can also be customized with a picture, name, or phrase.

Who gives gifts for runners?

The company I was researching for was a web design firm, but one of their client’s passions is running. If you know your client runs races, this could be a great gift. A business in the exercise and fitness industry that challenges clients to run races or a running coach would benefit from sending this gift for any of their clients. If you have a couch to 5K program and at the end of the 5K the participants receive this from you, it will acknowledge their accomplishment and give them incentive to do more races.

gifts for runnersMake it more meaningful.

Grab a picture of the runner crossing the finish line or dressed in their race day attire. If you aren’t present for the event, you may be able to find a picture on social media or just ask the recipient to send you one. Then you can submit the picture online and have a custom bib album or custom medal display created.

Get Yours

I found these at Gone for a Run. They have a huge variety as well as other gifts for runners that you may not have thought of. Go here to check out all their gifts for runners.

How about you? Are you a runner? Do you have something like this? Would you love this as a gift? Do you know a runner? Do you have other gift ideas that they have appreciated?


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