Gift of the Week – Giant Fortune Cookie

Giant Fortune CookieIf you want to make a BIG impression using food giant fortune cookie might be just the gift. Fancy Fortune Cookies sells fortune cookies that are 5 inches tall, 7 inches wide and weigh over a pound. They come in a variety of color schemes and holiday themes. Each one is dipped in chocolate and some sort of sprinkles or candies. You can write a custom message that they will print and put inside. The message is a foot long. It comes packaged with shredded paper in a white gift box.

Because the giant fortune cookie is dipped in chocolate, it does require expedited shipping from May through September, or anytime you are sending to a warm location. I think the WOW factor is worth the extra expense.

I have also used Fancy Fortune Cookies for normal sized fortune cookies. You can create up to 5 free custom messages for a minimum order of 50. These could be used as a favor for an event, a promotional give-away, or you can give away a group of them as a client gift.

Who gives a Giant Fortune Cookie as a gift?

I love these for just about any business because you can customize the fortune to reflect your business and brand. This could be especially good if your brand has a Chinese or Asian flair to it. If you have a business that provides feng shui, Chinese massage, acupuncture, or some other service with Chinese origins, this would be a good reflection of that.

This could also be used for someone making a major transition like graduation, new job, new home. You could include a message, “Wishing you good fortune in your new            .”

Make it more meaningful.

The meaning in this gift comes from the message. You could say something like, “I feel so FORTUNE-ATE to have you as a (client, referral partner, colleague).” If you use these as more of a promotional product you could say, “You don’t need good fortune to have good (whatever problem you solve), (our company) can help you with that.”

Get Yours

These giant fortune cookies are made fresh in Indiana. To order them go here.




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