Gift of the Week – Garden-in-a-Bag

Garden-in-a-BagApril is National Lawn and Garden Month. In some climates, people are thinking about planting as the weather is warming up. This Garden-in-a-Bag is a great gift to give not only in the Spring, but any time of year. The whole concept is that everything you need is already contained in the bag. You simply need to open the bag, add water, and place in a sunny spot. You don’t need a pot or a place to plant it in your yard.  The bag is waterproof. They carry a few varieties to choose from, including: basil, mint, oregano, parsley and a mini-tomato plant. The seeds are all certified organic and will sprout in 7-15 days.

Who gives plants as a gift?

Because these are all edible plants, the Garden-in-a-Bag would be a great brand alignment with any business that encourages healthy eating. Whether you are a health coach, cooking school, meal planner, or weight loss coach, this would be a fun gift for your clients. This could also be fun if you know your client is a gardener or likes to cook with fresh herbs. This could also work well for clients with young children as something they can grow together.

Make it more meaningful.

To make this gift even more meaningful, include a healthy recipe that uses the herb they are growing. You could also include a note that compares growing to the work you do for them. “Thanks for trusting me to make your money grow.” (from a financial planner) or “I love how you are growing and improving in your fill in the blank.” (from a coach).

Get it Here

The Garden-in-a-Bag is available a number of places on the internet, but I found these here. They run right around $10 each, so it is a very affordable original gift.

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