Gift of the Week – Flying Wish Paper

Flying Wish PaperWhen I saw this flying wish paper, I was intrigued. I’m not sure how it works, but it would create an amazing experience. The small 4” x 4” pieces of paper are just the right size to write a wish or a goal or even something you want to let go of. You simply write it down on the paper, roll it up, stand it on end and then light it and watch it fly away. It is safe. It doesn’t go airborne until the flame is out and the paper is cool, so it won’t hurt anything it comes in contact with.




Who gives Flying Wish Paper as a gift?

I think flying wish paper would be a great gift for a life coach or someone who helps their clients set goals or release things from the past that are holding them back. This could be used not only as a gift, but as a group activity for a mastermind or coaching group that meets in person. It could also be a great experience for conference attendees. Ask each person to write down their wish, goal or dream on the flying wish paper and light them a few at a time to release them.

This could also be used as part of a New Year’s celebration, graduation, retirement, or some sort of significant life transition.

Make it more meaningful.

Flying Wish Paper will be meaningful as the recipient takes part in writing on the paper, lighting and releasing it. As a gift, you could include a note referencing the wishes and goals of the person or the things you have seen them let go of.

Get Yours

Flying Wish Paper is sold through They have all sorts of quirky and unusual items on their site. You can purchase Flying Wish Paper here.

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