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Eco Flower bouquetThere are many occasions where sending flowers is a nice gesture – holidays, get well soon, condolences, etc. The problem is that fresh flowers don’t last. They may be beautiful to begin with, but eventually they have to be discarded. What if you could send flowers that last forever? Eco Flowers creates flowers out of recycled and sustainable materials. They are biodegradable, but made to last forever.

Their flowers are made from wood, paper, fabric, pine cones, bottle caps and even soup cans. You can purchase bouquets, wedding flowers, and home décor on their website. And, surprisingly, the cost is very similar to buying fresh flowers online. They certainly aren’t as inexpensive as your grocery store bouquet, but it will definitely last longer.

If you are preparing for a wedding, they can do custom work or you can buy premade options. They also have a selection of individual flowers if you would rather create your own bouquet or give an individual flower.

Who gives Eco Flowers as a gift?Eco Flower Boutineer

Eco Flowers make a great home décor gift. It is perfect for a real estate agent, interior designer or remodeler to give at completion of the project.

This is also a nice alternative to send for a client or colleague who is recovering from surgery, feeling under the weather, or grieving the loss of a loved one.

Make it more meaningful.

A real estate agent, interior designer or remodeler shouldn’t have too much trouble finding out the color scheme of their client’s home. Use that to choose something that will coordinate. You can also take the time to find out their favorite color or flower and choose a bouquet that includes that.

Get YoursEco Flower flowers

Eco Flowers can be ordered online here. What do you think about them? Do you love them because they are Eco-friendly and long lasting? Would you rather have fresh cut flowers? How would you use them as a gift? Share in the comments below, I would love to know.



  1. Our daughter had Paisley Moon design her sola wood wedding bouquets. They were beautiful and looked like fresh flowers. It was a win-win for her. Fresh flowers can not be removed from Oahu where she lives, so with sola, the girls could take their bouquets back to the mainland , safely. In addition, the flowers were made on the mainland, shipped carefully wrapped by priority mail and arrived looking perfect. They even opened up a bit more with the humidity on the island. She and her husband wanted to minimize environmental impact at their wedding and this was a true win for them.

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