Gift of the Week – Clever Money Gifts

October is Financial Planning month and a great time for financial planners to gift their clients. It’s before the holiday rush so it stands out. I’ve found four clever money gifts that financial planners can send their clients to wish them “Happy Financial Planning Month.”clever money gifts

  1. Seed Money – Everyone needs a little “seed money” for their dreams, right? This seed money is literally seeds embedded in paper that looks like coins. The seeds grow flowers, herbs, root vegetables, and salad greens.
  2. Money Does Grows on Treesclever money giftsYour parents probably told you money doesn’t grow on trees when you were growing up. This little kit provides everything needed to grow your own money tree: pot, compost and seeds. Not only is this a fun project for kids, but also a clever object for adults.
  3. Money Treeclever money giftsSpeaking of money growing on trees, you can purchase this indoor bonsai money plant as a fun conversation piece for your clients. The braided tree is known for bringing good luck.
  4. Cash Scented Soapclever money gifts Do you love the scent of cash in the morning? Then this bar of soap is perfect for you. You don’t have to be a money launderer to enjoy clean cash. Your clients can think about money every day when they wash their hands.


Who gives clever money gifts as a gift?

Depending on your personality, these could be a humorous and catchy gift for financial planners to give their clients. You could also consider giving these as gifts if you work with people who are in the financial industry: banking, financial planners, investors, etc.

Make it more meaningful.

These money gifts are very clever, but including a saying to go along with it can make it even more meaningful.

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees.
  • A little seed money to help you grow your dreams.
  • Good clean cash – no money laundering necessary.
  • As you watch this money tree grow, know that we are diligently growing your real money for your retirement.

Get Yours

Links for these clever money gifts are above with the descriptions. Let us know if you have purchased one of these and given it as a gift. How did it go over? Do you have other ideas for clever money gifts? Share in the comments.

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