Gift of the Week – Branded by J. Otto

Branded by J. OttoBranded by J. Otto is a clothing company with a message. Each item of clothing has a theme: Be it – Humble, Want it – Grace, Have it – Hope and Faith, Need it – Perseverance, Seek it – Wisdom. You can choose the clothing by style or by theme. Inside the article of clothing it is branded with a bible verse that reflects the theme. You can also choose a video to go with it. To the outside observer, it is just a shirt, but to the person who is wearing it, it has deeper meaning.

Who gives clothes as a gift?Branded by J. Otto

Normally clothing gifts come from family or close friends. These clothing items are ideal for a business that leads with their Christian faith. This would be an especially good gift for someone in the fitness industry as most of the pieces are perfect for a workout. This could also be a good gift for someone who needs one of these messages in their life. You may be a coach or practitioner that works with clients on life challenges. One of the messages could be a perfect match to encourage them on their journey.

Make it more meaningful.

Want It shirtEverything about Branded by J. Otto is meaningful. You can choose the clothing style, the message, and the video. You can also choose a custom box to send it in. Combining all of these elements makes it more than just a piece of clothing. If you are concerned about picking out clothes for a client and knowing sizes and styles, you can also give a gift certificate so they can go online and participate in the experience of choosing the clothing and message that resonates with them.

Special Discount

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