Gift of the Week – Box of Applause

Have you ever wanted to give recognition to someone? Maybe you need to recognize a client or a team member for achieving something. Sometimes recognition is given publicly, but sometimes it’s a quiet, more personal recognition.

Box of Applause


I LOVE this Box of Applause from Signals. It is a nice looking wooden box that when opened gives a round of applause and cheering. They have the option to add an engraved message of one to four lines for an additional charge. This box looks classy enough to sit out on a formal desk.


Applause button


Office Playground carries an Applause Button that is a little more obvious and a bit less expensive, depending on your tastes and budget. It is bright red and stands out more than the box, but still gives a round of applause whenever the button is pushed.


Who gives applause as a gift?

I love this for anyone who needs to give recognition to their clients for achieving a goal. This would be great for a business coach, life coach, or weight loss coach. I also love this for speakers. Can you imagine a speaker rehearsing their presentation in their office and when they end, they can give themselves an authentic round of applause?

This would also be a great gift for events like a graduation, promotion, new job or retirement. You could give this anytime congratulations are in order.


Make it more meaningful.

The wooden Box of Applause can be engraved. You could add their name, date, and occasion that you are recognizing them for. If you don’t want the additional cost of engraving, you could create your own certificate of recognition to go with it or simply write a personal note telling them what you want to recognize them for.


Get it here.

You can find the Box of Applause, along with engraving options here.

The Applause Button is for sale here.


  1. Rachel Legg says

    I am hoping to get a personalized applause box. They are sold out everywhere. Will they come back into stock at some time?

    • DebBrown says

      Sorry! I don’t supply them so I have no idea when they will be in stock. I just review things I love. If you can’t find them and are looking for another gift idea, feel free to contact me for some ideas.

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