Gift of the Week – The Blessing Flower

The Blessing FlowerThe Blessing Flower creates one of a kind jewelry that contains a small, dried flower called the Rose of Bethlehem. It is closed up and looks like a small bud, but when you add a few drops of water, the flower opens up and remains open for about an hour. The flowers last up to 30 years, so it will be a treasured necklace for a long time. The necklaces come in many designs, but the flower is the center of attraction.

The flowers are grown and dried in the desert of Israel and then carefully cleaned. Only the best ones are kept and used in the jewelry. The Blessing Flower collection includes religious, mandala, water and love themes. Prices range from $55 to over $800 depending on how intricate the style and what type of metal is used for each piece.

Who gives jewelry as a gift?The Blessing Flower

These pieces are intended for women, and symbolize new beginnings and rebirth. This would be a great gift for a female client who is going through a major life transition, like a divorce or graduation.  This might be an appropriate gift for a life coach, depending on your clients and what they are working through in their lives.

This could also make a great gift for someone who is grieving after a recent death or just a Mother’s Day or birthday gift.

Make it more meaningful.

The Blessing Flower offers a number of personalized options. They can create necklaces with custom names or monograms. You can also include a personal note explaining how the reopening of the flower is a symbol for their life situation.

Get Yours

The Blessing Flower has many options under $100. You can see all of their options and order yours here. They offer free shipping from Israel in 14-21 days, but you can pay extra to expedite the shipping.



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