Gift of the Week – Amazing Bobbleheads

Amazing BobbleheadsYou may have purchased or received a bobblehead doll of someone famous in the past. They are a fun gift or giveaway for fans of sports stars, politicians, musicians or Hollywood stars. What if you could give a bobblehead that was made in the likeness of the person receiving it? That is exactly what Amazing Bobbleheads does.

Amazing Bobbleheads can make a custom doll from scratch, or you can use a stock body (they have tons to choose from) and they will custom sculpt the head. Their stock bodies come in a variety of categories. They have couples and wedding dolls. They also have sports, hobbies, occupations, graduation, cars, pets, and leisure categories to name a few.

The ordering process includes uploading a couple photos and answering questions about hair, eye and skin color. Turnaround can be done as quickly as 7 days – so you won’t be waiting months to get it in your hands.

They also offer bulk ordering discounts. If you wanted to give everyone in the company a bobblehead of the CEO for a big event, you can order multiple copies of the same doll at a fraction of the cost of the first one.

Who gives Amazing Bobbleheads as a gift?Amazing Bobbleheads

Anytime you want to celebrate an individual this would be a great gift. A wedding professional could have a wedding couple bobblehead created for a cake topper, or just as a thank you gift after the fact. If your client has a milestone like a graduation, promotion or retirement, this would be a great gift.

Make it more meaningful.

The fact that you can make these so custom will give the gift great meaning. The head is sculpted directly from photos you provide. You specify hair, eye and skin color. Include a hobby, interest, or occupation to make it more meaningful. You can even choose the color of the clothes to match your recipient’s wardrobe.

Special Discount

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