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It isn’t a happy thought, but you may have a client who loses someone they love. Taking the time to give an appropriate bereavement gift can show you care. The most common gift at the time of a death is flowers, plants or money. When my husband’s grandmother passed away, the house was so filled with plants and flowers it was hard to walk from room to room. Any expression of sympathy is a kind act, but giving something more meaningful can have a bigger impact and be treasured for years to come.

Comfort Company memorial candleWhen someone loses a loved one there is a strong desire to keep their memory alive. The person may be gone, but their family does not want them to be forgotten. A gift that is a way to remember them will be treasured. Some ideas are garden stones, holiday ornaments, or a candle that will represent the life that was lost.

The Comfort Company specializes in gifts at the time of a loss. Their website is filled with appropriate gifts. My favorites are ones that create a permanent way to remember the loved one who has passed.

Who should give a sympathy gift?

If you do not know the client well or it has been a while since you did business together, a card may be enough. If this is a client you have worked with closely and they lose an immediate family member (child, spouse, sibling, or parent), you may want to consider a thoughtful sympathy gift.

If you work in the pet industry and your client’s pet crosses the rainbow bridge, it is especially important for you to be sensitive and remember them appropriately.

Make it more meaningful.

Some of the gifts can be personalized with an engraved name or a photo to make the gift even more personal.

Get Yours

If you find yourself needing a sympathy gift for a client, visit The Comfort Company. They carry a wide variety of appropriate gifts at many different price points. Whatever you do, do it in a respectful way. Make sure your intentions are to be kind and supportive of the grieving person, not to promote yourself or your business in any way.

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