Gift of the Week – The Cardcierge

the cardciergeIf you’ve ever received a handmade card, you probably appreciated the personal touch. It would be nice to be able to give that personal touch to business contacts, but you may not have the time or the talent to create custom cards. Purchasing them is an option, but buying one at a time from craft shows isn’t time or cost-effective. The Cardcierge provides handmade cards and writes custom messages for business owners. It allows businesses to provide a personalized card without the hassle.

The Cardcierge was created by Jamie Shibley. She made cards as a hobby but also recognized the lack of personal touch in the business world. She says, “I want to make it easy for people to be able to connect on a personal level again.  I want to offer tools to give something that will be remembered.  You aren’t going to remember the text I sent you 3 months ago, but you’ll remember the same message if I wrote it in a card.”

the cardciergeNow Jamie has an army of card suppliers. She offers purchase of cards as well as a service to track events and occasions, write the messages, and send cards on your behalf. She also offers a service that creates a custom card design to match your business branding.

Another unique option The Cardcierge offers is mailing your cards in a clear plastic envelope instead of a traditional one. Then the recipient can immediately see it is a card for them.

Who gives The Cardcierge cards?

The Cardcierge cards are perfect for any business that desires a personal touch, but is too busy to handle the details themselves. You could use The Cardcierge for yearly holiday cards, thank you cards, and client birthdays.

Make it more meaningful.

To make The Cardcierge cards more meaningful, invest in having them write a personal message in each card. Even a single message for all the cards that reflects your personality will make the card feel more meaningful.

Get Yours

The Cardcierge has several packages for business owners. You can choose the level of personalization and whether they send it for you or you do it yourself. You can buy cards from their card catalog, or invest in a custom card for a one-time fee. Jamie has a special offer for our readers. She’ll send you a sample pack so you can see the cards for yourself. Go here to request yours.



  1. This is such a great idea for thoughtful business communications that I shared it on Twitter and Facebook.

    Thanks, Deb Brown and Shareaholic.

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